iTech Plus hosted an AFOL display for the public at the Riverside Boulevard Shopping Centre, Vanderbijlpark, South Africa. The event took place on Saturday 30 April 2016 on a beautiful autumn day. Even though it was held over the Easter long weekend, the AFOLS showed up in force to overwhelm the public with their own creations and collection of past and present sets.

It was at this event where Paul revealed his BB-8 and Dax showed of the first section of his English Countryside inspired train station. Willie brought the start of a what will be a feature filled fantasy build and Tony showed some off some really interesting LEGO® geometry building his sky castle at diagonal angles to the standard squares on a LEGO® baseplate. Other entries that had the crowds smiling for a long time were the History Timeline by Linda and the 2 Space MOC’s by George and Hylton. Iain showed off his extensive Architecture series of sets as well as some of his Techic sets.

The day also had building competitions for KFOLS and was booked out weeks in advance. iTech also offered 10% discount on all LEGO® sets bought on the day.

P.S – the event was initially called “Check my LEGO®show at iTech Plus” but after a 10 year old regular customer who loved LEGO® passed away from cancer in the weeks leading up to the event, the owner renamed it to the “Francois van Niekerk Exhibition at iTech Plus”

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