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About zaLUG

We are a group of Adult Fans of LEGO® (AFOL‘s) based in Gauteng, South Africa. We also have some coastal members and our membership has grown larger than we thought possible, and that in less than 4 months since we announced the formation of the LUG!

The founding principles of zaLUG are the following:

  1. Having Fun and promote the brand we all love,
  2. Education: We organise a talk at our member meetings about building techniques as well as anything our members are interested in and
  3. Social Responsibility: we have identified the Greater Benoni Child Welfare and will be working closely with their management to help fulfil their needs.

I was always lucky enough to have parents who bought me LEGO, but as most youngsters, I discovered the opposite sex, and fell into my dark ages.

As most AFOLS, we come out of these dark times, and realise that the world of LEGO is way bigger, and way more impressive than it was when we were kids. And a lot of that is due to what Adults are now doing with this fantastic plastic brick.

Unfortunately LEGO is a bit of a solitary hobby, so with this LUG, we’ve attempted to gather all the other Adult Fans of LEGO together, for discussions, fun times and so we don’t feel quite so isolated.

If you’re interested in LEGO, and want to hang out with a bunch of like minded individuals, then really you don’t have much of a choice do you?

Tony Graham

Founding Member, zaLUG

Recent Blog Entries

Our blog features news, events, galleries and other information related to the zaLUG and LEGO® in South Africa.

Clearwater Mall display event | 26-27 August 2017

The best part of a LEGO exhibition is the public. The sharing of heart-warming stories and reminiscing about the funny moments, are the highlights of the post event discussions. How many kids asked to touch the LEGO? What were people drawn to in your display? Did...

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Howdy LEGOlogists! Today we are talking figs of a different kind. Miniland is the scale and style that LEGO uses for their displays at their themeparks and are completely brick built. Building one is easy and customizing is a lot of fun, so let's get to it shall we.....

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Howdy fellow brickers! Quite a lot of times MOCs with real potential turn into heaps of rainbow poop, where it could have been a WOW.. is now just a Meh. Why does this happen? It all comes down to colour choices and the abundance of it.. so today we get into one of...

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