Ola ABSaholics!

Today’s quick building tip is really quick, but it will help you solve quite a few problems when you need to build in different directions.

You will need:

  • 1 2×4 plate
  • 4 1×4 plates
  • 4 1×2/1×4 angle plates (bracket)


Take a 2×4 plate and add 2 brackets on either side


add the 2 remaining brackets


add 2 1×4 plates to both sides to level it out

and you are ready to make some interesting things.. here I have removed the 1×4 plates on the sides to add the rail plates and 1×1 round plates for my micro tank

This is of course not limited to micro builds, for the city guys it can also be used to make pretty cool ATMs and loads of other stuff.

Drop us a comment and share your creations on our Facebook page. What will YOU build with the SNOT flat square?