On Saturday 27 August 2016, members of zaLUG donated their time to help the Greater Benoni Child Welfare to clean up the open field next to the house. This field was scattered with rubble, broken glass and trimmed tree branches. The members walked the field to pick up all the dangerous items and to remove larger cast concrete pieces as well as all the branches of the trees that was cut off.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed on the day. Thank you to everyone that came through to help. Thank you to everyone that organised extra help for the day. Thank you to everyone who brought equipment for the cleanup. Thank you to everyone who donated money to acquire equipment for the day. A BIG thank you to member Pedro Casais who sponsored his company vehicle for the day and removed all the rubble that was cleaned up. We also would like to thank Medtronic Africa (MITG) who donated water, soft drinks, food and snacks to all the volunteers.

The members really stood up and helped to uplift The Benoni Child Welfare and we as the exco would like to thank each of you for a great effort! THANK YOU TEAM!

We ended with a braai and a very enjoyable chat. (Thanks Adriaan for bringing your braai and George for your gazebo)

Keep checking back for announcements about our next charity event.

(Photos by Bernadette Da Silva Casais)

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  1. Jason

    Nice job. You guys are truly doing a great service to the welfare organization. I applaud all the members of the zalug.
    Need more good hearted people like you guys.

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