For this installment I thought I’d quickly try introduce Monochrome minifigs.

Monochrome minifigs are minifigures constructed out of unprinted parts of one colour. Collecting them can be a fun and rewarding journey. As they are not an official theme it is not always easy to keep track of what colours or figs are actually available, thus a quick list of what colours are currently available.

For the purists, those folk that don’t enjoy taking a bit of brasso to their bricks, there are 21 colours that can be collected. These are also generally the cheapest and easiest to collect as the pieces are more readily available.


The last three are slightly apart from the rest as they have been out of production for over 10 years and may be slightly harder to get hold of.

For those folk willing to remove print from pieces there are another 17 colours available. Some of these pieces may be available to purchase without print but it would be hard to tell if the seller did not remove the print himself due to the growing popularity of collecting monochrome figs.

Collecting these colours also can tend to be more on the expensive side as some of the parts have only ever appeared in one or two minifigures.


Next are the colours that might come up in the near future:

Finally, I have included the full list of colours as per Bricklink.

** Complete transparent monochrome minifigures may never be available. New Elementary explains why at the end of this post.


Information correct as at 1 February 2018.