Brick walls can often look quite boring. Using the following SNOT elements, walls can be given a bit of character.

In different combinations the above elements can be used to create a variety of SNOT elements.

SNOT elements allow us to add parts to the side of wall. Depending on the element used the amount off protrusion varies.

Now to building the actual wall. Take the plain brick wall below.

While the brick pattern is interesting, the wall is very plain and does not have a great resemblance to rocks or masonry. Using some SNOT bricks and tiles a more masonry look can be achieved, as used in many of the modular buildings.

Unfortunately, the blocks are still in straight rows. Adding some plates between the rows would allow them to be raised or lowered relative to bricks next them.

Smaller height adjustments can be achieved by using the headlight brick on its back as seen below. The plate on top is so it matches the standard 3 plate height of a brick.

The wall is developing character, but it is still very flat. By replacing some of the snot bricks with headlight bricks will result in masonry with more depth.

Adding brackets or headlight bricks with plates will result in masonry with more protrusion.

The wall now has a rough look with few straight lines. Some of the plates added earlier now leave large gaps in the wall surface. Using the 1×2 plate with slide can reduce these gaps as well as represent smaller masonry blocks.

To get a weathered look replace the flat square tiles with a variety of plates and tiles.

For a more aged look some of the grey bricks can be replaced with tan, olive green, sand green or dark green to represent lichens and mosses.

Depending on where the materials for the wall were sourced, it may also have more than one colour.

Walls are not always solid and often have holes in for arches, windows and doors. While LEGO provides many different pieces for these items, they often compliment the walls better when brick-built. Below is a quick example of a brick-built door.

Special thanks to Willie and Hylton.