For those of us who ordered a bunch of flower stalks or bought a couple from George.. let’s put them to good use in building a pine tree.

You will need:

  • A bunch of flower stalks
  • a bunch of Travis bricks in Reddish Brown
  • 2 or 3 1×1 round bricks in Reddish Brown
  • a 1×1 cone in the same colour as the stalks
  • a bunch of 1×1 round plates in Reddish Brown

Step 1

Decide how wide you want the base of your tree to be, in the example here I’ve gone for a small base (6 stalks wide) just to illustrate the concept. Take the desired amount of stalks and stack them on top of one another, in this example 3 stalks per side to make a 6 stalk wide base. Make 4 of them.

Step 2

attach the stalk clusters all the way around a Travis brick and add a 1×1 round plate to the top. This is the base layer of your tree.

Step 3

Keep building the same layers as before but decrease the number of stalks by 1 for every layer to taper the tree. Also rotate each layer a little to avoid stalk collisions between layers and to fill the gaps.

Finishing off

Add a stalk and the green cone at the very top, stack your 1×1 round bricks on top of each other for the trunk and place your tapered tree layers on the trunk.. et voilĂ !

As a variation, why not add a couple of trans 1×1 round plates to the end of the stalks and a jewel at the top for a nice Christmas tree.


make ’em as tall and as wide as you want.

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