Brickfair 2016 was a great weekend! 18 members of zaLUG brought their amazing custom creations and interacted with the public for 2 days straight! More members who couldn’t make it came round and spend some time looking at some awesome designs. There was a total of 71 exhibitors and the public came out in support in their masses so much so that even the streets outside didn’t have parking anymore!

It was great to see some new reveals and some mind blowing designs! There were quite a few kids displaying their own creations and that was very heartwarming to see. I also enjoyed 1st time exhibitors and fans starting out with MOC’s like Elna’s “My First MOC” display.

When attending the next LEGO® fans display event, look out for the small details in designs and builds. Talk to the designers and ask them about the difficulties of designs and using LEGO® bricks as an art medium. Don’t look out for the largest designs only, you might miss out on some small unbelievable details in the smaller builds!

I hope the public enjoyed the day and please keep checking back for dates of upcoming events!

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