Castles have always been a mainstay of Lego’s various lines, dating back to the yellow castle 375-2 all the way up to it’s current iteration Nexo Knights ( With many long time Lego fans reckoning that it’s a weird combo of castle and space lines, with the colours of Ice Planet 2002 and Blacktron -and with myself being a M-Tron fan, hopefully those colours at some point as well)

Needless to say the various castle lines throughout the years have been a particular favourite of not only children, but the Afol community as well. Perusing the various blogs, as well as coverage of the various Lego conventions, will show that the interest in castles has not faded, and has in fact, only grown stronger.

Not to be left out, members of zaLUG decided they too wanted to get into the fun of building within the castle theme.

With 4 members starting it off, the Castle Crew built Forests, Armies, Castle Walls and everything in between for Clearwater Mall and more recently for Brickfair. Now with 10 members, the Castle Group foresee many years of collaboration, and building (and carrot patches of doom) ahead of them.

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