Pop’s Toys Lego exhibition

Northmead Square


by Linda Lier


2017 has been an exciting and busy year for zaLUG. We celebrated our 1 year anniversary as an RLUG (registered LUG), had many social gatherings, various building projects and we took part in 5 public display events.


The last of these displays took place at the Northmead square shopping centre on the weekend of the 25th and 26th November, with Pop’s Toys hosting our 34 members.


The smaller venue and rainy, wet weather were not deterrents for the public. The turnout was fantastic on both days. Cars were queuing to park and the flow of people by our tables never stopped. The members of the public were also invited to participate in a ‘treasure hunt’ that involved finding specific displays around the exhibition, in order to win a LEGO prize.


Some highlights included our youngest member displaying his impressive technic collection, the castle team showing off their ever – growing medieval mocs, new members enthusiastically displaying for the first time, haunted houses, classic western sets, Brickfair’s winning town, Jurassic park, the always entertaining technic spirograph drawing machine, trains, towns, technic and so much more. Special mention to those involved in the Great Ball Contraption – It wow’ed the crowds and ran continuously for many cycles (this is a huge achievement for a GBC). The public also got to see the biggest ever LEGO set – the UCS Millennium Falcon – first hand in its box. A rare sight for South African Star Wars LEGO fans.


We look forward to next year; many more exhibitions are planned. For now, us AFOLS need some time to rest and plan our future builds. (We are also all writing our Christmas wish lists which contain more LEGO wishes than most kids. And we are unashamed!)


See you in 2018!

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