On the morning of March 25th 2017, AFOLS all around Gauteng, woke up bright and early to the sounds of their alarms.

Though sleepy and desperately in need of our morning coffee, we shared a common feeling of excitement. An excitement that can only come from thought of spending an entire weekend showing off, talking about, playing with and buying…LEGO.

We were ready! Ready for two days of LEGO exhibiting at the Pop’s toys Lego Exhibit at Northmead square. in Benoni.

For some members of zaLUG, (the South African LEGO user group) this would be their first time exhibiting. For others, exhibiting has become a familiar routine. We wore our branded black shirts and name tags, proudly set up our tables on the bottom and upper levels of the shopping centre and eagerly awaited the public to come and enjoy the LEGO awesomeness.

As clichéd as it may sound, there really was something in it for everyone. Technic fans could marvel at some phenomenal set ups. There were Star wars displays, trains, modulars, minifigure collections, Friends set ups and outstanding MOCS. Children, adults and teens displayed their collections and engaged enthusiastically with the public. And the public did not disappoint. They came out in huge numbers. The flow of people did not stop the entire weekend. They were supportive, respectful, enthusiastic and curious. The local newspaper, Benoni City Times, also came to interview some exhibitors.

The event was hosted by “Pop’s toys”.  A toy shop in the shopping centre with an aisle filled with LEGO. Not once, during the entire weekend, was the shop empty. People of all ages could not help but be inspired by what they had seen in the exhibit, and felt compelled to go and browse some LEGO sets themselves. That is why AFOLS do what they do and why exhibitions are so fulfilling. LEGO is truly more than just a brand.

It is an experience.

A feeling.

For zaLUG, LEGO is what unites us and it is what inspires us.

Until the next event, keep on building!








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