It has been two years since zaLUG had our annual exhibition at Clearwater Mall, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions. So, when I say that we were all very excited about one of zaLUG’s best yearly two-day-event-with-all-things-LEGO, it feels highly understated.

This year featured the amazing talent of all our members with incredible builds, such as iconic Star Wars and Harry Potter themed displays, Classic Castle sets, Technic, Superhero’s, our members’ spectacular own creations and so much more. The highlight of the event was of course TeamGBC’s tallest freestanding Great Ball Contraption module at just over 5,4m as well as the largest collaborative medieval kingdom our Castle team has ever built.

Thousands of people came past our exhibition and seeing their amazed expressions and appreciation for our love of the hobby, I think we can call this event a massive success.

Looking forward to next year, which will be even bigger and better!

zaLUG’s Castle and Fantasy Special Interest group displayed a collaborative build from twelve builders this weekend at our Clearwater Mall exhibition. Simply mindblowing stuff from both seasoned and n00b builders alike, here are some detailed photos taken by Richard Yang with his indestructable Nokia phone.

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