With another successful display event at Clearwater Mall we’re a bunch of tired, but happy luggers.

Two days is a long time for a display event, and I’m sure many people aren’t aware just how tiring sitting there and talking to people who are eager to ask questions about your Lego can really be. (How many pieces? How long did it take you to build? Can you buy this as a set? Why are you so handsome?)

Two days is never enough for the crowds of people who come out and look at all the Lego on display, and once again zaLUG had barely any breathing room from the minute we set up to the minute we packed up.

It’s always a crazy time, but watching the crowds of people pass by with big smiles, and then seeing your fellow club members with even bigger smiles, goes to show you just how much this sort of event means to zaLUG.

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