The zaLUG Clearwater mall exhibition has once again came and went, and considering some of us are still recovering from all the excitement, I think we can call it a resounding success.

While all the members showed off their fantastic models, it was the introduction of a bigger and better Great Ball Contraption circuit, as well as the unveiling of zaLUGs new and expanding Micropolis – “Blockfontein” that drew a lot of attention.

The highlight of the show was undoubtedly the Great Ball Contraption, with all its moving parts, and complexity people could not take their eyes off of it. In addition, the inclusion of a ball pit with a remote control ball pusher, allowed the public to get their hands dirty (in more ways than one!) with helping move the balls through the circuit.

Over two days there were thousands of people that came past the zaLUG exhibition, some in fact came back for both days to ensure that there was nothing that was missed.

The Clearwater Mall exhibition stands as one of zaLUGs best yearly events, and with plans already in the works for next year, each year will no doubt get better and better!

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