You know those light-hearted news stories that feature at the end of a news bulletin? The ones that follow after all the serious, depressing news? The stories of interesting people doing wacky things? You know the ones – you watch in amazement at the kinds of crazy things people get up (and secretly wish your life was that cool).

Well, a couple of days after Brickfair 2017, that little fluff piece featured US! Two of our zaLUG members that had been interviewed during Brickfair, by the SABC reporters, featured in the news piece. In addition to this exposure, Impact Radio 104FM also broadcasted live from the event on Saturday, and a few of our members were interviewed. Click the play buttons below to listen to the interviews.

Why did Brickfair draw such an interest from the public?

One word: LEGO.

It’s that simple. A timeless toy that brings joy to people of all ages, is bound to draw crowds. It is the delight that children experience when seeing the endless building possibilities that LEGO offers.
It is the joy on adults’ faces when their own LEGO memories stir within them.

It is the whole experience that attracts the public. And they showed up in their thousands this year.

This was the 7th annual Brickfair and the event was held at the Grove Mall over the last weekend of October. Toy adventures hosted the event.

The zaLUG AFOLS enjoyed spending the two days proudly sharing our creations and collections. For some members of our LUG, Brickfair is familiar territory and for others, this was their first time. We were truly well represented- our members filled over 100 tables with a variety of themes, collections and MOCS.

We were also very proud to have our members win a few of the building competitions. Congratulations to Willi Badenhorst, Willie van der Westhuizen, Riaan Pretorius, Riaan Knobel and Nico Steyn.

Thanks to all involved. This was another successful event and although many members expressed a sort of LEGO ‘hang over’ the Monday afterwards, they all, undoubtedly started thinking up new building ideas for Brickfair 2018! See you all then!

Linda Lier, zaLUG Entertainment and Engagement Expert and all round funny lady

Audio courtesy Impact Radio 103FM

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