Hyde Park: Details for Exhibitors

Your display

  • Please set up on the table number/s allocated to you (layout further down and table numbers)
  • If you can help to setup the tables, please arrive before 07:00 in order to help.
  • Expectation is that we are all finished with setup and preparations by 08:30 on Saturday
  • You are expected to stay at least until 18:00 on Saturday as this is a 1 day event.
  • There will be electricity for those who requested but please still bring an extra extension cord and multi-plug.
  • Should you be displaying sets, try to find a theme and fill your table with that. A table filled with predominantly Batman or Star Wars or Modular Buildings or Creator vehicles etc. Try to avoid a a random selection like 1 Star Wars spaceship, 1 City Building, a Scooby Doo set and a Friends car all on one table.
  • If you are bringing MOC’s, a central theme is great but not as necessary as with sets. They tend to have a life and story of their own and we encourage you to pull the public in and tell them more about your build. Take pride that you are the creator and show them the small hidden gems in your display.
  • This events run over just 1 day and is a supported event. We expect you to attend the full day unless previously discussed with the SC or in case of emergencies. Any absenteeism from events will impact on your support. This will have to assessed on a case by case basis.

The Location

  • The event is at  Hyde Park Corner; Corner Jan Smuts Avenue and William Nicol Drive. Entrances on 6th Road, Hyde Park, Johannesburg
  • Closest parking is P4 from what we understand.
  • The zaLUG display will be in the Centre Court that is located at the heart of the Shopping Centre.

What to bring

  • Please DO NOT bring your own chair unless otherwise discussed with SC. The mall will provide.
  • You are also welcome to bring your own cooler with food and drinks and coffee flask. The mall does have lots of restaurants and supermarkets should you want to buy food at the venue
  • Your wallet!
  • Your nametag (New members will receive theirs on Saturday morning)
  • Wear your zaLUG t-shirt (New members will receive theirs on Saturday morning)
  • Please bring extra extension cords and multiplugs


  • Please keep the area around you tidy.
  • The mall requested that nothing stands around behind our tables and visible to the public. Please put in under the table. There will also be a storeroom provided for us where we can store the overflow.
  • Don’t let food, litter and drink clutter your display table.
  • Do not consume any alcohol during display hours. You will be interacting with the public and smelling of alcohol will not be the image we want to send to the public, mall management and LEGO SA.
  • You are welcome to bring spouses and kids. You will be responsible for their entertainment and well being. Should the space be so limited that movement is impaired for displaying members, you will be asked to make space for displaying members.
  • zaLUG, members of the Steering Committee and other zaLUG members, Hyde Park Corner and LEGO SA do not take any responsibility for your safety, your displayed and personal items. We will take precautions within our control to prevent any incidents and/or theft of goods but you will ultimately remain responsible for looking after your goods while at your table.

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