Brickfair 2018: Details for Exhibitors

Your display

  • The tables will arrive on Friday 26th 08:00 and all exhibitors can bring their LEGO from 13:00 (most people only come after work).
  • Please set up on the table number/s allocated to you
  • Expectation is that we are all finished with setup and preparations by 08:00 on both Saturday and Sunday
  • You are expected to stay at least until 18:00 on Saturday and 15:00 on Sunday.
  • There will be electricity for those who requested but please still bring an extra extension cord and multi-plug.
  • Should you be displaying sets, try to find a theme and fill your table with that. A table filled with predominantly Batman or Star Wars or Modular Buildings or Creator vehicles etc. Try to avoid a a random selection like 1 Star Wars spaceship, 1 City Building, a Scooby Doo set and a Friends car all on one table.
  • If you are bringing MOC’s, a central theme is great but not as necessary as with sets. They tend to have a life and story of their own and we encourage you to pull the public in and tell them more about your build. Take pride that you are the creator and show them the small hidden gems in your display.
  • Events run over 2 days and especially for supported events we expect you to attend 2 full days unless previously discussed with the SC or in case of emergencies. Any absenteeism from events will impact on your support. This will have to assessed on a case by case basis.

The Location

  • The event is at The Grove Mall, Lynnwood Rd & Simon Vermooten Rd, Equestria, Pretoria, 0184, South Africa
  • The display will be setup in the basement parking (exact location will be shared soon)

What to bring

  • Plastic chairs like the ones we use at meetings will be provided for all by the mall. You are however welcome to bring your own chair. Camping chairs are more comfortable but a bar stool makes repeated standing and sitting much easier.
  • You are also welcome to bring your own cooler with food and drinks and coffee flask. The does have lots of restaurants and supermarkets should you want to buy food at the venue
  • The organisers have asked that we don’t eat large meals at our tables. There will be a dedicated rest area for exhibitors where you can eat. Snacks and soft drinks in the display area is not a problem.
  • Your wallet!
  • Your nametag (New members will receive theirs on Saturday morning)
  • Wear your zaLUG t-shirt (New members will receive theirs on Saturday morning)


  • There will be security for Friday Night and Saturday Night.
  •  Please bring your own tablecloths, sheets or blankets to cover your LEGO at night. We do not have enough of our own tablecloths anymore to cover all the LEGO at night
  • There will be 3 levels of nylon rope around the tables which will keep the public about 30 cm from your display. This nylon rope will be secured around the parking pillars.
  • zaLUG, members of the Steering Committee and other zaLUG members, The Grove Mall, Toy Adventures and LEGO SA do not take any responsibility for your safety, your displayed and personal items. We will take precautions within our control to prevent any incidents and/or theft of goods but you will ultimately remain responsible for looking after your goods while at your table.


  • Do not consume any alcohol during display hours. You will be interacting with the public and smelling of alcohol will not be the image we want to send to the public, mall management and LEGO SA.
  • You are welcome to bring spouses and kids. You will be responsible for their entertainment and well being. Should the space be so limited that movement is impaired for displaying members, you will be asked to make space for displaying members.
  • Please keep the area around you neat and tidy
  • Exhibitors can park in the basement parking on Friday when setting up their displays. All exhibitors must please park in Parking entrance 2 (undercover parking near Woolworths) or Parking entrance 7 (upper level parking near Samsung entrance) on Saturday and Sunday.

Scroll further down for Information Communicated by Toy Adventures


The Grove Mall

Important Information Communicated by Toy Adventures

Good day all the exhibitors of Brick fair 2018.


Please make sure that you read properly through all the information  and familiarize yourself with all the details and arrangements, so there are no misunderstandings.

We will update this page every time when there is some new details to share. We will let you know on the the whats-app group when we’ve added new information.

Thank you again for exhibiting.  Here are the final arrangements:


Just to confirm, we are exhibiting in the basement parking, (of The Grove Mall) where you are going down with the lifts/escalators from Mc Donalds. The whole basement parking is allocated to the brick fair, no public will be allowed to park there. Exhibitors can park in the basement parking on Friday when setting up their displays. All exhibitors must please park at Parking 2 and 7 on Saturday and Sunday. The ramp that goes down to the basement parking from the upstairs parking will also be closed. The directions to the entrance of the basement parking are as follows:When you are driving in Lynwood from the N1, pass Wilgers hospital on your right, turn left at the robot  into Simon Vermooten road, turn right at the first robot into Farm Rd, pass the first entrance of the mall, turn right into Equestria Rd.  Turn right again into the first Rd just before the mall.  Enter the mall on your left hand side.  (It’s a basement parking).


  1. The tables will arrive on Friday (26th). All exhibitors can bring their LEGO from 12:00(most people only come after work). Tables are pre-allocated, so please report to Soretha, Gerhard or other Toy Adventures staff beforehand. The exhibition is in the basement parking at the Mc Donalds entrance.
  2. You are welcome to also do the setup on Saturday(27th) from 5:00. The shops in the mall open at 9:00, when we must be finished with our setup.
  3. Our exhibition runs from Saturday 9:00 till 18:00 and Sunday from 9:00 till 15:00.
  4. We will give each exhibitor a goodie bag.  Soretha will hand these out on Saturday (or Friday, if you are setting up on Friday).  Please make sure you get yours.  It also contains your FREE parking ticket.
  5. For those who will come on Friday, please collect your FREE parking tickets from Soretha for Friday.
  6. Exhibitors can park in the basement parking on Friday/early Saturday morning when setting up their displays. All exhibitors must please park in Parking entrance 2(undercover parking near Woolworths) or Parking entrance 7(upper level parking near Samsung entrance) on Saturday and Sunday.
  7. There will be tables with black tablecloths. Tables are not always exactly the same height (might be a few centimeters difference) so if you requested more than one table, please accommodate for this or you can try to get 2 level tables on the day.
  8. Please bring your own tablecloths, sheets or blankets to cover your LEGO at night. We do not have enough of our own table cloths anymore to cover all the LEGO at night (the tables are getting more and more every year J  ). This is just for extra security.
  9. Black plastic chairs will be provided to the exhibitors who’ve requested it from Soretha. Please make sure to request you chairs from Soretha before 3 pm on Monday 22 October. If you haven’t  requested your chairs from Soretha by 3 pm on Monday 22 October you will be responsible to bring your own chairs. You are welcome to bring a comfortable cushion if you’ve requested a black plastic chair.
  10. There will be 3 levels of nylon rope around the tables which will keep the public about 30 cm from your display.  This nylon rope will be secured around the parking pillars.
  11. If you requested electricity, please make sure to bring your own extensions.
  12. No kettles will be allowed behind your tables. Please adhere to this as the kettles can trip the electricity which can cause serious problems. We will have coffee/tea available in the dedicated canteen area.
  13. Please do not eat big meals, for example pizza or burgers, behind your tables. There will be a canteen area with tables and chairs where you will be able to sit down to eat. We will have a microwave and kettle available to warm food or boil water. Eating of snacks behind your tables, for example a cold drink and chocolate bar, wont be a problem.
  14. Please ensure that it is neat and tidy behind your tables at all times.
  15. Please note, no smoking or drinking of alcohol will be allowed in the whole brick fair area.
  16. One of the biggest parts of the Brick Fair is to show off your creations / collections and talk to the public about it. It’s also to meet new friends that share the same passion as you.  We all help looking after each other’s LEGO, so there is plenty time to also mingle between exhibitors and share your stories.  Please do so.
  17. As mentioned before, we will have security for Friday Night and Saturday Night.
  18. We are doing daily posts on Toy Adventures Facebook page with some of the previous year’s photos.  Please share with your family and friends to help making this an unforgettable event.


The 30% discount order process will work as follows:

(orders can be done from the 8th October – 24th October)

Please ensure that you are registered on our Website:

  1. If you haven’t been registered, please let Soretha know once you’re done, so we can activate your discount.
  2. If you are registered, but haven’t exhibited before, please send you email adress to Soretha, so we can activate your discount.
  3. Once your discount is activated, you can select the LEGO sets you want to buy where you will receive a 30% discount on our “WAS” price.
  4. At the checkout please click on step 1 :” Use Coupon Code”
  5. Enter the following code: “BRICKFAIR”
  6. This will calculate your discount.  Please check that it is correct.  If you have any queries, please follow it up with Soretha
  7. At step 5. Please enter EFT as payment method.  We will NOT accept Credit card payments for the Brick fair discount. 
  8. You cannot earn Legacy Lifestyle Rands on these transactions as we are giving all discounts to you already.
  9. Once you have finalized your order, please e-mail Soretha your order number.
  10. Once we received payment, we will pick your order and keep it safe until after the Brick fair.
  11. Please note that stock are limited on some items so please do the payment to secure the stock.  It’s always on a first come, first serve basis.
  12. You can collect your order on Monday 29th October at our Bylsbridge store, or alternatively we can send it to you by courier on Monday. Please make a note in the comment box when you checkout, stating if you want to collect the LEGO or if you want us to send it with the courier.
  13. Unfortunately we won’t be able to give the discounted LEGO before the brick fair, as there were people in the past that abused this offer by not exhibiting. Once again, please make sure that you exhibit both Saturday and Sunday, as we are advertising the Brick fair for both days.
  14. The 30% discount is only available online.
  15. The 30% discount wont be available in-store over the brick fair weekend.
  16. The 30% discount is not available on Educational LEGO.
  17. The 30% discount is not available on any other Brands or toys on our website, like Barbie dolls, Hot Wheels cars or Nerf Blasters.

All orders must be finalized and paid by 24th October 2018.


The competitions will work as follows:

1.  Rules for LEGO Modular competition

  1.  If you want to enter the Modular competition, please send an e-mail to
  2. The general basis of this competition is to build a structure on a 32 x 32 stud baseplate not higher than 60cm in total.
  3. The idea of the structure is that it needs to fit in with the LEGO modular sets e.g. 10224, 10232, 10246 etc.
  4. It can be either a corner unit or a normal middle section unit.
  5. You must build the standard pavement to fit in with all other modular units and the detail on the pavement will also be judged.
  6. Any extras e.g. post-box or lamp post on the pavement will add additional points.
  7. The structure must fit in with normal modular i.e. should have the 2 LEGO Technic holes for pegs.
  8. Each structure must have at least 3 levels that can easily detach in order to see the inside of the different layers of the building.
  9. The theme of the building can be anything that we find in a typical European urban street. e.g. Fire department, Hospital, Library, Shop, Apartment etc.
  10. The building should be original and not use any of the existing LEGO sets.
  11. Points will be given to:  Original design, Clever use of LEGO blocks, Colour of blocks used e.g. walls, exterior as well as interior detail, on all sides and general architectural design principles.
  12. Loose furniture may be added but will not be part of the judgement.
  13.  Judging will be done anonymously, so judges will not know who the builder is.
  14. This competition will be judged by LEGO SA’s MD, Kristian Imhof.

Some of the aspects that will be used to judge to modular:

  • Utilization of blocks & Colour Matching
  • Real life Connection
  • Detail of Building (Detail of Inside and outside)
  •  How does everything fit together?
  • Architectural perspective (scale)
  • Utilization of space on board
  • How does the levels complement each other?
  • How does the levels connect (Stairs etc.)
  • Entrance from street & Street detail
  • Was any additional detail been added to the street e.g. patterns?
  • Any unique construction never seen in any other modular

Toy Adventures normal Competition Terms & conditions will apply.

2.  Rules for General Public Vote Competition

  • This is an open category where the public vote for their favourite exhibition on our website.
  •  Every member of public that wants to vote have to register on our website and will only be allowed 1(one) vote.
  • This is a more relaxed category as we all know that the general public is not always voting with their minds 🙂 , but more often with their hearts.
  • Every family (mom, dad & kids) that is exhibiting will be given 1(one) entry in the public vote competition. If you want separate numbers (for additional entries) for family members, please request it. We will allow it, but please note that it will dilute your chances of winning. If you work together as a family to convince the public to vote for you, you will have a bigger chance for more votes for your whole families’ exhibit. Soretha will confirm the numbers with you via email.
  • Winners will be announced on Sunday 28 October 15:00.
  • Toy Adventures normal Competition Terms & Conditions will apply.

 Once again, thank you for participating in the Brick fair. Please contact Soretha anytime if you have any more questions. She will gladly assist.


Happy building!