zaLUG display event at Sandton City

On 29 and 30 April 2023, zaLUG was very pleased to once again exhibit at Sandton City. This is the second year we have displayed at the shopping centre but this time we went a whole lot bigger! In fact, this was the largest Lego event ever in Johannesburg based on the number of members who displayed and the number of tables that were filled with Lego — a staggering 65 tables were filled with a fascinating array of Lego themes, sets and original builds

The event was organised in association with Great Yellow Brick (the company that brought Lego Certified Stores to South Africa) and, for the first time, we also invited members of jhbLUG to join us. Over the two days, 17 members of jhbLUG — including a number of children — flew the flag high for their LUG.

From zaLUG, 47 members participated — both in their individual capacities, as well as part of a number of special interest groups (SIGs).

Castle / fantasy / medieval SIG

Representing our largest-ever collaborative themed display, 23 members of the Castle SIG filled 13 tables with an incredibly detailed build that featured almost 300 32×32 baseplates and an estimated 500 000 individual pieces of Lego. SIG leader Willi van der Westhuizen was delighted by the high quality of the end result, remarking on the massive increase in build quality over the last couple of displays as well as the incredible level of detail, down to the interiors of the buildings. The display was a huge hit with the public . . . Many were deeply concerned about how it had been transported and were mightily relieved to hear that it was modular!

Train SIG

With the train display proving so popular at OR Tambo earlier this year, the Train SIG decided to up the stakes for the Sandton event. Twelve members participated to run approximately 350 track pieces along the front of 25 tables (around 45 metres). Impressively, the route took the trains across two freestanding suspension bridges. Some of the trains that ran over the two days included a Harry Potter train, the new Crocodile train, the classic Horizon Express and various City trains and MOCs.

Technic Tall Boy

Tall Boy, our hugely impressive freestanding Technic tower — and Great Ball Contraption (GBC) — made another appearance over the weekend. This time, he towered above the crowds at a height of 6,030 metres and was crowned with a cheeky sign that read “Close your mouth” — much to everyone’s amusement.

Micropolis SIG

Our micro-scale cityscapers were also in attendance and filled two tables.

Record attempt

Finally, zaLUG managed to pull off a highly impressive feat over the weekend, namely, the longest remote-controlled Lego vehicle ever pulled. This extremely loooooong vehicle featured over 2 100 wheels. Congratulations to the members who participated.

A big thank you to Sandton City and Great Yellow Brick for making this such a memorable event, one which we hope will become an annual fixture on our calendar!

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