Being part of the LEGO community does not just mean you are just part of your local Lego group. It reaches much further than that: the LEGO community spans throughout the world. If you were to check any AFOL’s facebook feed, you’d find they are probably part of many local and global LEGO groups. Someone from South Africa may contact a well known expert builder in Europe to discuss building techniques. 2 people who may never meet in real life, that live on opposite ends of the world could buy LEGO from one another and share their passion for the hobby. For those who still think we are just adults playing kid’s toys don’t understand that this is so much more for all of us. It has opened up opportunities, allowed us grow our talents and most importantly, meet people we otherwise would never have gotten to meet.

On the 26th of April, after months of planning,  7 of our members left for the 1368km car ride down to Cape Town. The trip had started as a conversation almost a year ago, with the local LEGO group; CapeLUG. Having gotten to know a lot of the members on social media and WhatsApp groups and seen their growth as a LUG, we were keen to finally meet up in real life and take part in a joint exhibition. We were of course going to make the most of it and Kin, Willi, Joe, Peter, Frans, Suzette and myself (I’m Linda, by the way) went full out tourist and explored a lot of Cape Town over the 4 days too.

We exhibited at Willowbridge mall on the Saturday and Sunday. Most of the LEGO sets and MOCs had survived the car trip down but there was some rebuilding that had to be redone. Our displays were divided into two parts of the mall: the mall entrance had tables with pirate themes, Technic cars, Lord of the Rings, Ninjago, nature, Batman, Jurassic Park, a Rubik’s Cube solver and a spirograph machine. The other section, in front of Kiddiwinks (the toy store supporting the event), had a Western theme, the large City display with modular buildings and lots of the big star Wars sets. Competitions that kept the public busy and entertained included searching for the CapeLug sigfigs wearing branded shirts in and amongst the LEGO displays as well as a creative build competition for children to come up with something made only from 2×4 white bricks. The weekend was great fun! It was awesome to interact with the members of the public as well as our fellow AFOLs from CapeLUG.

I’ll tell you about all the other fun things we did so that you can be a tad jealous and hopefully want to join in on the next roadtrip we do at some stage… We ate seafood at Chapman’s peak, went to signal hill at night, ate yummy food in Long street, drank coffee at Truth, watched the sunset over the sea in Milnerton, went wine and chocolate tasting, drank craft beer and stopped at Matjiesfontein on the way back. It was a fantastic time for us all.

We want to thank those that made this such a memorable trip: Marick and her CapeLUG members for arranging the exhibition; it went so smoothly and you made us feel so welcomed. To Byrony from Kiddiwinks for opening her home up to us Joburgers; you and your family (including dogs) are wonderful and we appreciate your hospitality immensely. To the drivers, thanks for getting everyone there and back safely. Thanks to Cape Town! We’ll be back soon!

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