by Dec 22, 2019

What is LugBulk?

LugBulk is a program offered by The Lego Group (TLG) allowing Recognised Lego User Groups (RLUG) to purchase large amounts of selected pieces directly from the TLG once a year. An RLUG has to apply and meet certain requirements to participate in the program.

The purpose of LugBulk is to stimulate AFOL building activities by providing the ability to purchase loose LEGO elements in bulk, often at a cheaper price than Pick-a-Brick walls or Bricklink stores.

LugBulk is a concession offered, and any terms or conditions associated with it lie solely with TLG and are subject to change with no notice.

Who qualifies to order LugBulk in 2020?

The LUG needs to quality. Please see “What is LugBulk”. 

Participation and qualification of LugBulk as part of zaLUG is at the discretion of the Steering Committee, the below are broad criteria set as a minimum to qualify for LugBulk:

Any zaLUG member in good standing who:

  1. has participated and displayed at at least one zaLUG event during 2019; and
  2. has been a member for longer than one year at 1 March 2020, or
  3. has not been a member for longer than a year at 1 March 2020, but has been recognised as an active and participating member of the club by the Steering Committee;

is allowed to participate in LugBulk 2020.

The zaLUG Steering Committee may prohibit members from participating in the program as a result of breach of policies of previous LugBulk programs.

How are the parts selected?

Not all Lego elements and bricks are available as bulk, order quantities and values need to be adhered to for each individual element as well as the total order.

The Parts List provided by TLG is used as the foundation, worked through and culled to generate a list consisting of the following:

The Order List is made up of Personal Picks plus Bulk Parts, totalling 85 elements and split as follows:

  • Personal Picks*: Each qualifying member is allowed one personal pick. Equal to the number of qualifying members.
  • Bulk Parts: equal to 85 total parts, less Personal Picks
    • 20% of the Bulk Parts is made up of Technic parts

The Bulk Parts are chosen by members voting for 30 parts. The most popular Technic parts (20%) plus System parts (80%) plus Personal Pics is the final Order List.

As a practical example, working with 40 members ordering:

40 Personal Picks plus 45 Bulk Parts (split as 9 Technic and 36 System parts) forms the 85 parts on the Order List.

*Please see “Who selects the Personal Picks” for further information.

Are there any order limits?

Yes. There are both minimum and maximum limits. Please review these carefully as listed below.

According to the terms of the LugBulk program, every RLUG is allowed to order annually:

  • A maximum of 85 different parts from the Parts Listfor the entire LUG order
  • A minimum of 20 members needs to participate for the order to be placed
  • A maximum of 230 Euro (around R3600 as at Jan 2019) per qualifying individual LUG member
  • There are specific limits related to Personal Picks. 

These are:

The total order of any item selected as a Personal Pick has to be a minimum of 20% of the total monetary value allocated for an individual.

Example:  If an item was added to the Order List as a result of a Personal Pick the total order value of the entire LUG has to be a minimum of DKK1600 x 20%.

We advise our members to be responsible when making a selection.

When is payment due?

Payment is due in two parts:

  • A 50% deposit is required within 30 days of your order, and
  • The balance is payable no later 7 days of presentation of invoice from the zaLUG Treasurer.

Members who do not settle the LugBulk invoice timorously may forfeit their parts, and may be excluded from future LugBulk programs.

What happens to my order if I leave the club before the order arrives?

You forfeit your order completely, and will receive a refund, less any reasonable costs ,once the money spent on your order has been recovered.

What happens if my part does not meet the minimum order?

All parts, including Personal Picks and Bulk Parts requires a minimum total order amounting to 20% of a single member’s maximum order value, currently 20% of 230 Euro, or 46 Euro.

These parts are tagged for removal for 7 days before the final order is placed. 

Part(s) on the Order List which do not meet the minimum order quantity at the time of order is removed, and not replaced with an alternative part.

Members will have 7 days to move the selection to other parts should a part be removed from the list.

Who selects the Personal Picks?

For the 2020 LugBulk program, everyone who participates in the program gets one Personal Pick.

From 2021, the selection of Personal Picks will change, and will be tied to the point system.

Can I sell the parts purchased on LugBulk?

No. The Lego Group expressly forbids sale of any parts purchased through the LugBulk program. 

The zaLUG registration status and our honour as Lego enthusiasts is on the line here.  Should we breach this rule, zaLUG will lose its registered status as a LUG and all future bulk orders may be placed in jeopardy.

Where can I get the Parts List list?

The zaLUG steering committee will share a link to the parts list on the official zaLUG LugBulk WhatsApp group. Note that this information is confidential, and should not be shared. The Lego Group expressly forbids sharing of this list. Any sharing can put the status of the LUG in jeopardy.