Clearwater Mall 2019: Details for Exhibitors

Your display

  • Please set up on the table number/s allocated to you (layout plan available on request, we will confirm the morning of the event)
  • Mall expectation is that we are all finished with setup and preparations by 08:00 on both Saturday and Sunday
  • You are expected to stay at least until 18:00 on Saturday and 17:00 on Sunday.
  • There will be 4 points to source electricity. Please provide your own extension cord and multi-plug.
  • Should you be displaying sets, try to find a theme and fill your table with that. A table filled with predominantly Batman or Star Wars or Modular Buildings or Creator vehicles etc. Try to avoid a a random selection like 1 Star Wars spaceship, 1 City Building, a Scooby Doo set and a Friends car all on one table.
  • If you are bringing MOC’s, a central theme is great but not as necessary as with sets. They tend to have a life and story of their own and we encourage you to pull the public in and tell them more about your build. Take pride that you are the creator and show them the small hidden gems in your display.
  • Events run over 2 days and especially for supported events we expect you to attend 2 full days unless previously discussed with the SC or in case of emergencies. Any absenteeism from events will impact on your support. This will have to assessed on a case by case basis.

The Location

  • The event is at Clearwater Mall, Christiaan de Wet & Millennium Boulevard Road, Strubensvalley, Roodepoort: S 26 07. 693′ | E 027 54. 181′ (Read more at
  • Use the main entrance from Hendrik Potgieter Road, this will give you the most direct access to the area we’re displaying in.
  • The display will be setup in the piazza on the ground level. Parking close to Entrance 2 will give you the shortest flat route to the display area. 

What to bring

  • Bring your own chair. Camping chairs are more comfortable but a bar stool makes repeated standing and sitting much easier.
  • The piazza is surrounded by restaurants (McDonald’s, Spur, Brooklyn Brothers, Romans Pizza, Krispy Kreme etc) and in short walking distance from others (Burger King, KFC, Cappuccino’s, Ocean Basket etc). There are also a Pick n Pay and Woolworths where you can buy food, snacks and drinks.
  • You are also welcome to bring your own cooler with food and drinks and coffee flask.
  • Mall management have confirmed that the roof will remain closed for the entire weekend!


  • There will be a security guard at our displays on Saturday night so you are welcome to leave your display over night. If you do so, please cover them in a black (or very dark coloured tablecloth). DO NOT leave your display there if it is not covered.
  • You are welcome to take your display home on Saturday but please be ready the next morning by 08:00
  • zaLUG, members of the Steering Committee and other zaLUG members, Clearwater Mall and LEGO SA do not take any responsibility for your safety, your displayed and personal items. We will take precautions within our control to prevent any incidents and/or theft of goods but you will ultimately remain responsible for looking after your goods while at your table.

Great Ball Contration

  • The GBC will have a dedicated area this year and will be manned in shifts. 
  • We want to get the machine set up on Friday night from around 19:00. It will be awesome if you’re in the area and want to join in helping to set up and test.
  • If you can’t be there, we’d hugely appreciate if you could make arrangements to get your complete GBC module to Willi (West Rand), Ferdie (Randburg) or Eben (Pretoria) by no later than Thursday, 22 August 2019
  • Whether you’re bringing your module on Friday night or Saturday morning, please include bring:
    • Your module(s)
    • A train controller
    • A power supply (12V, 1A works best, these ones at Communica works well)
    • A power functions cable
    • A extension
    • A multiplug
  • Mark your name on everything you bring as your own please, these things do tend to get mixed up during a show, specifically when we exchange working modules for non-working ones
  • Our plan is to fill a dedicated area with working modules, and have some in reserve so that we can easily replace the ones which stop working, keeping the machine running for the entire weekend.



  • Do not consume any alcohol during display hours. You will be interacting with the public and smelling of alcohol will not be the image we want to send to the public, mall management and LEGO SA.
  • You are welcome to bring spouses and kids. You will be responsible for their entertainment and well being. Should the space be so limited that movement is impaired for displaying members, you will be asked to make space for displaying members.