A long-standing zaLUG member, Riaan Pretorius, sent us photos of his recent trip to LEGO Systems A/S in Billund, Denmark. Here are some highlights of his trip.

I had the privilege to visit Denmark on 8 May 2017, the town where our beloved Lego brick was born. First stop was to visit Lego HQ. Although we could only get up to reception it was still amazing experience just to be there.

Next stop was to visit the LEGOHOUSE construction site. Not much to see on the moment as they only open on September 17th But definitely worth coming back for.

Then we visit the house where Ole lived. Better known as The Lion house. This was so amazing for me as this is where it all started back in the 30’s. The house was locked up but all the windows was filled with old sets from our childhood.

We also had to pop into Legoland Hotel. Everything was just LEGO. I just loved the reception with 1000’s of Minifigures against the wall and A mini figure riding a bicycle with magnifying glasses as wheels, so it magnify every minifigure for you to adore.

Then we visit The Innovation house. Once again we could only get to reception as the rest is TOP SECRET. But just the feeling to stand there is worth every penny and effort. Very friendly people at the reception and the lady give me some free LEGO as she could she I am more excited than a 8 year old boy.

Then the main attraction, the reason why we here, LEGOLAND!! This was so mind blowing and amazing that photos don’t do it justice. There were just way too much to see. My highlight was minitown as I am a big fan of the City theme. Worth every cent.

We also had the amazing opportunity to visit the grave of both Ole and Godtfred. This was so amazing standing there by our heroes Tombstone. Wish he could see what LEGO became today.

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